KOUEI CO., LTD. offers pure nickel, nickel alloys, nickel-copper alloys, nickel-iron alloys, titanium, rare metals and other special alloys.
KOUEI keeps a large amount of stocks at our warehouse that makes it possible to complete shipment with a requested quantity and shapes in a short lead time.
We support customers by our various knowledge and technologies for special alloys accumulated since our founding, and by our good flexibility we cope with small quantity, large variety order.
We are pleased to support customers from development stage too. Your question like “Final products will be like this with this kind of application, so please tell us the most appropriate material.” will be very welcome. Please feel free to send us inquiries.


Material lists

Nickel 200 (Ni-200)
(UNS N02200)
Nickel 201 (Ni-201)
(UNS N02201)
Nickel for Electron tube (VNi) (UNS N02205)
Ni-Fe alloy(Magnetic and low expanding alloy)
Ni45%-Fe Permalloy 
(PB, High perm 49, Supra 50)
Ni78%-Fe Permalloy
(PC, Mumetal)
Alloy 42 (42Ni-Fe)
(UNS K94100)
(UNS K94610)
Alloy 36 (Invar, FN-36)
(UNS K93601)
Alloy 315 (Super Invar, FN-315)
High temperature resistant alloy
Alloy 600
(UNS 06600)
(UNS 06601)
(UNS 06625)
(UNS N07718)
(UNS N07750)
(UNS N08800)
(UNS N08810)
(UNS N08811)
(UNS N06002)
Alloy 80A
(UNS N07080, Nimonic-80A)
Heat-resistant steel
(UNS S66286)
Corrosion resistant alloy
Alloy 825
(UNS N08825)
Alloy 20Cb3
(UNS N08020)
Alloy B-2
(UNS N10665)
Alloy C-276
(UNS N10276)
Alloy C-22
(UNS N06022)
(UNS N06022)
(UNS N06686)
Ni-Cu type corrosion alloy
Alloy 400
(UNS N04400, Monel-400)
Alloy K500
(UNS N05500, Monel-K500)
(UNS C71500)
(UNS C70600)
Electric heating resistant alloy
Nichrome 1
(UNS N06003, NCH-1)
Nichrome 2
(UNS N06004, NCH-2)
Titanium・Titanium alloy
Pure titanium Corrosion resistant titanium Titanium alloy
Ferrite magnet Samarium-cobalt magnet Neodymium magnet Alnico magnet
Rare metal
Zirconium alloy
(Zr 702 etc.)
Molybdenum alloy Tantalum alloy Tungsten alloy
Copper alloy
Brass (C2100R,C2680R,C2801R) Phosphor bronze (C5191R,C5212R,C5210R)
Pure copper (C1020R,C1100R,C1220R)
Examples of precious metal clads
Au, Au alloy 24K*pure copper Au99.99*pure copper
75GS*phosphor bronze Au75Ag25*phosphor bronze
90GS*brass Au90Ag10*brass
Ag, Ag alloy Ag*pure copper Ag99.99*pure copper
AgNi*phosphor bronze Ag(x)Ni(1-x)*phosphor bronze
AgCu*brass Ag(x)Cu(1-x)*brass

Base materials

*Pure copper(C1020R C1100R C1220R)
*Phosphor bronze(C5191R C5212R C5210R)
*Brass(C2100R C2680R C2801R)

We can offer materials other than listed above, so please contact us freely.

※Monel, Inconel, Incoloy, Nimonic, 800HT are trademarks of Special Metal Corporation.
※Hastelloy, C-22 are trademarks of Haynes International, Inc.
※Carpenter, Kovar, High perm 49 are trademarks of Carpenter Technology Corporation.
※Invar, Supra 50, Mumetal are trademarks of Imphy Alloys Inc.
※Nitronic is a trademark of AK Steel Corporation.


Production range of wires (unit: mm)
Rolled wires Diameter: 5mm to 28mm
Cold drawn wires Diameter: 0.2mm to 26mm
Production range of rods (unit: mm)
Rolled rods Diameter: 5mm to 28mm
Cold drawn rods Diameter: 0.2mm to 26mm
Forged rods Diameter: 9mm to 400mm
Bars Flat bars・square bars・hexagonal bars
・Please consult us for other profile shaped bars.
Production range of pipes (unit: mm)
Cold seamless pipes Diameter: 0.8mm to 88.9mm Wall thickness: 0.1mm to 3.4mm Length: 500mm to 6000mm
Hot seamless pipes Diameter: 63.5mm to 235mm Wall thickness: 6.35mm to 25.4mm Length: 500mm to 6000mm
Welded pipes Diameter: 4mm to 914.4mm Wall thickness: 0.2mm to 20mm Length: 500mm to 6000mm
Production range of sheets (unit: mm)
Hot rolled sheets Thickness: 4.75mm to 76.2mm Width: 1219mm to 2286mm Length: 500mm to 6000mm
Sheared sheets
Cold rolled sheets Thickness: 0.46mm to 6.35mm Width: 914mm or 1219mm Length: 1829mm to 3658mm
Sheared sheets
Production range of ribbons (unit: mm)
Thickness: 0.03mm to 0.5mm Width: 0.25mm to 2.5mm
Production range of others (unit: mm)
Forged products (as forged and peeling),
profile shaped wires, pipes and pressed products
・We will produce after consulting with drawing

Processing list

Processed products

We sell processed products of nickel, nickel-chromium, nickel-copper, nickel-iron alloys, titanium, rare metals.
We can process as your requests such as special heat treatment, precise metalwork, pressing, machining, casting, pipe processing, wire drawing, welding and roll machining.
As for delivery term, we can meet your demands too. Of course, we can handle high-mix low-volume production.
From small pieces to big materials, we can meet your demands in association with our experienced production department and our cooperative companies.

Production range of rolling process (unit: mm)
Materials The whole of wrought copper metals, nickel alloys, permalloys (High perm 49, MuMetal, Supra 50), aluminum and heat/electric resistance materials
Thickness of processing 0.03mm to 0.99mm (<0.03mm is negotiable)
Width 10mm to 200mm (depends on the materials. Negotiable)
Weight ≦300kg (>300kg is negotiable)
Combination Ag, Au plating, clad
Production range of slitting (unit: mm)
Materials The whole of wrought copper metals, nickel alloys, permalloys, aluminum, heat/electric resistance materials and precious metals
Thickness 0.02mm to 2mm (>0.9 is negotiable)
Width of processing 1.5mm to 200mm (depends on the materials. Negotiable)
Weight ≦2kg/mm (>2kg/mm is negotiable)
Production range of deform machining process (unit: mm)
Materials The whole of wrought copper metals and nickel alloys
Width ≦55mm ±0.02
Thickness 0.3mm to 2.0mm (<0.1mm is negotiable)
Amount of processing Less than 70μ (exceptional size is negotiable)
Width of processing 2mm to 10mm (exceptional size is negotiable)
Combination Ag, Ni, Au plating, resin coating
Accuracy Depth : ±20μ Position: ±0.03mm
Grooving shape 異型切削 切削形状
Production range of clad metals (unit: mm)
Overview Composite materials adhered more than two metals
Boundary High adhesion as creating alloy layer by metallic bond in metal molecules level.
Base metal The whole of wrought copper metals
Covering materials Au (24K), Ag-alloys (90GS, 75GS, 75GSC, 70 GSC etc.)
Ag, Ag-alloys (AgCu, AgNi, AgCuNi, AgPb etc.)
Width 5mm to 50mm ±0.1mm
Thickness 0.03mm to 0.8mm (<0.03 is negotiable)
Covering width More than 1.0mm
Accuracy of covering Position: ±0.5mm
Combination Ag plating, Ni plating, deformed, resin coating
Types クラッドメタル種類
Production range of precious metal plating (unit: mm)
Base metal Stainless
Width 5mm to 150mm
Thickness 0.03mm to 0.8mm (<0.03 is negotiable)
Plating Ag plating (Ni plating for first coat)
Plating thickness 0.5μup (Ni plating first coat flash~0.1μup)
Types One side plating is available
Production range of precious metal plating rolling materials (unit: mm)
Overview To increase adhesion and abrasion resistance, rolling is done after precious metal plating.
Base metal The whole of wrought copper metals
Width 5mm to 150mm (+0, -0.1mm)
Thickness 0.03 to 0.8mm (<0.03 is negotiable)
Plating Ag plating, Ni plating, Au plating
Plating thickness >0.2μ(flash) (depends on the base materials and dimension. Negotiable.)
Combination Different plating, clad, profile shaped, resin coating
Types Both sides, one side, stripe plating


We can design, produce, install, trial and maintenance of chemical plants.
Not only existing plants, we can also support your drawing of plants at the research and development phase. Of course, you can ask us for special plants.
Please choose us as for your outsourcing partners or plant fabricators and as your best partner.

Introduction examples
Transportation devices for radioactive contaminant, pump units for spraying liquid chemical, vacuum chambers, humidification devices for cardboard, special fitting for gas measuring and more.

For processing of special alloys— ask KOUEI

You can ask us for processing of special alloys such as rolling, slitting, machining, and pressing. We can process and deliver products of nickel, nickel-chromium, nickel-copper, nickel-iron alloys as your requirement.
From small pieces to big materials, we can take any orders. Please ask us what kind of products you need. Well-experienced staff will support you promptly. And if you have any troubles for materials or processing, please consult us freely.