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Privacy Policy

KOUEI CO., LTD. (“We”) shall stipulate policy on protection of personal information about handling personal information we may collect from users who visit this website (“user”).

1.Definition of personal information

  1. “Personal information” indicates personal information referred to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, information regarding living person and information which can identify a specific individual by name, date of birth, address, zip code, telephone number, sex, occupation, age and other description included in that.
  2. Historical information and characteristic information within personal information mean information other than personal information determined above. These indicate information of history of webpage and advertisement which user browsed, retrieval keywords, visiting time and date, information transmitting time and date, usage environment, IP address, cookies, location data and individual identifying information of devices etc.

2.How to collect personal information

We may collect user’s personal information input to contact form. We may also collect historical and characteristic information when users browse webpage or transmit information.

3.Purpose for collection and use of personal information

We use personal information to:

  1. send mails and documents or make phone calls as an answer to inquiry.
  2. inform products or services, advertise, send direct mails and propose something.
  3. aggregate as statistic, and make documents to improve products, services and business activities.

4.Prohibition of disclosure and provision of personal information to third party

We manage user’s personal information appropriately and we do not disclose personal information to third party unless corresponding to these circumstances:

  1. when user agree to do so.
  2. in case we need to disclose information to our contractors for information processing and maintenance etc.
  3. the law require to do so.

5.Correction and deletion of personal information

  1. User can claim correction or deletion of personal information to us in accordance with our designated process if their information we possess is incorrect.
  2. When we decide that we should answer their claim according to preceding paragraph, we correct or delete the information and inform the user promptly.

6. Stop using of personal information

When user demand to stop using or to delete (“stop using”) information by the reason that the information is used over the range of purpose or information is obtained with unjust way, we do necessary research promptly, and based on the result, we will stop using personal information and inform the user. But if it costs too much to stop using or if it is difficult to stop using personal information, and if we can take an alternative action to protect user’s rights and profits, we shall take the alternative action.

7. Change to the Privacy Policy

  1. We can update the Privacy Policy without informing users.
  2. Other than the case we determine separately, the updated Privacy Policy shall take effect when it is published to this website.

8. Contact

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us;

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TEL : +81-3-3674-5222
FAX : +81-3-3656-0503