What is the primary application of clad metals? The merit of clad metal.

What is the primary application of clad metals? The merit of clad metal.

Metallic clad materials are used in various purposes.

For example, digital cameras, printers, computers and so on. Clad materials are used for many applications.

Then, why demands of clad materials are growing so high?

In this page, we will explain main applications and merits of metallic clad materials.

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Main applications of clad materials.

Main uses of clad materials

Clad materials are used for various applications such as

  1. Digital cameras
  2. Printers
  3. Computers
  4. Connectors
  5. Keyboards
  6. Parts for battery
  7. Thermal protectors
  8. etc.

Clad materials for digital cameras are mainly used for contact parts, and different materials excellent in electric properties are combined for this application. On the other hands, clad materials for thermal protectors are combined of different thermal expansion coefficient materials, and they work using thermal change.

The merits of clad materials.

Advantages of clad materials!

The merits of clad materials are listed below.

  1. Precious metals used for contact points are very expensive alloys, as they are gold or silver.

    We design every items and manage the consumption amount of precious metals.

  2. By alloying precious metals, their cycle life is extended.

    Simple solo precious metal is soft and low wear resistant. But by alloying and hardening, wear resistivity and cycle life are improved while keeping electric properties of each precious metals.

    For example, gold is alloyed with silver or copper, Ag alloy is alloyed with nickel or copper to harden the metals.

  3. Thick precious metal layers are formed.

    Thick precious metal layers are formed by cladding which plating cannot create.

    Clad materials are essential for contact materials which require long lifetime.

For production of metallic products, please ask KOUEI.

We produce not only precious metal clads, but also clad materials combined wrought copper with aluminum or nickel alloys.

KOUEI can handle detailed requests or inquiries for production and sales of metallic materials. For metallic materials including clad materials, please ask us freely.

We will introduce applications and merits of metallic clad materials.

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