Importance of heat-treatment for permalloy.

Importance of heat-treatment for permalloy. KOUEI pays attention to handle after heat treatment.

Sometimes, we have these inquiries “Does permalloys satisfy magnetic properties without heat treatment?” or “How shall we handle permalloys after heat treatment?”.

You can easily image how you shall handle permalloys by understanding its characteristics and properties.

In this page, we will explain the necessity of heat treatment and handling after heat treatment. Please refer this page if you consider utilization of permalloys.

Magnetic annealing is essential to earn magnetic properties of permalloys.

magnetic annealing

Permalloys are used for precision instruments.

For raw materials such as strips, sheets or rods, we do not do heat treatment called magnetic annealing, but as for processed or pressed parts, we surely offer magnetic annealing before delivery.

The reason is that by magnetic annealing, metal structures get enlarged and they obtain high magnetic properties. To the contrary, you cannot get high magnetic properties of permalloys without magnetic annealing.

Magnetic annealing is conducted at 1100℃ in hydrogen atmosphere, so permalloys do not get oxide scale. Surface becomes a little brighter than pre annealing surface because of reducing atmosphere of hydrogen.

After magnetic annealing of permalloys.

Permalloys, as their high permeability and small coercivity, are used for parts of precision instruments such as magnetic shields for noise cut of acoustic instruments and medical equipment, electric current sensor of current transformer for invertor, cores of potential transformer etc.

Therefore, you need to handle with good care for magnetic annealed permalloys which have high magnetic properties.

If you cut, bend, or drop and give strong impacts on magnetic annealed permalloys, its constructions of the damaged area are broken and cause magnetic degradation and they lost magnetic properties.

In high temperature and humid environment like rainy season, PB, which contains nickel 45~48%, sometimes gets brown-dot rust depending on the storage condition, though which is not the same as rust of iron.

We take preventions of rust especially for processed items of PB by putting desiccative or vacuum pack at packing phase.

We can put coating or plating, as necessary.

From material sales to processing, KOUEI provides the best sizes with the best delivery term.

We explained why permalloys need magnetic annealing and how to handle permalloys.

Permalloys have high magnetic shield effect, so they are effective for precision instruments which are sensitive to external or internal magnetism. And, they can get magnetic flux density with small magnetic field, so they are used for cores.

If you are developing products which use or need permalloys, please ask us freely.

We supply permalloys with the best sizes with the best delivery term.

If you are looking for manufacturer and seller of permalloys, please ask KOUEI.

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